Camelia Apostol

Camelia's work predominantly focuses on portraiture. She has recently begun to explore a new stile. Dating back over twenty years, her main work is a collection of unique Sacred Art paintings, some of which have never been seen to the public before. Initially exhibiting in her own Gallery in the Historical center of Rome, she exposes now like member of The Catholic Union Of Italian Artists. Her work reflects her passion and talent for capturing the human form and condition. Camelia is an artist specialized in acrylic painting on wood and canvas and also in transparent glass painting.

Camelia Apostol is an artist living in Rome, Italy.


It is an art itinerary for a joyful collector. Reds, blacks and whites combine to create an atmosphere of song that brings light, life and joy to any room. The use of primary colors give a feeling of "pop art" to these images and create that carefree atmosphere. Camelia paints with contagious happiness. She takes this oportunity to express her self through the rich, vibrant colors.

Vivian Home

Camelia believes that a good portrait "expresses the attitude of the artist toward his subject,an important element in creating a work of art instead of simply taking a photograph".

Her contemporary approach to the dynamic composition and color produces paintings that are modern ,proud,vibrant and uniquely individual.

The result is a portraiture pleasantly direct and not sentimental.

Visiting the online exibition of Camelia you will notice that her work has a number of different genres and styles, of course,fall into several groupings and collections of Art work.

"I do not paint a specific theme, "says Camelia,"I want to create a series of paintings on a topic or theme, then move on to something else, like my inspiration takes me in my artistic journey.


Tiriac Collection

Visiting Tiriac Collection in Bucharest, the largest luxury and vintage car collection in Europe.

Two of my Artworks are exibited here, "guarding" the entrance in the Gallery.

Tiriac Collection
Tiriac Collection

My new Atelier in the historical center of Rome (Italy)

Atelier 1
The wall of Wooden Icons
Atelier 2
The wall of Byzantine icons on glass